River God: Intermediate Wilbur Smith

ISBN: 9781405073059

Published: December 1st 2006



River God: Intermediate  by  Wilbur Smith

River God: Intermediate by Wilbur Smith
December 1st 2006 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: 9781405073059 | 9.16 Mb

The mist clears, the clouds roll out and the fog lifts, looking down, the Nile appears. Its blue waters, dominate the desert land, like a Lion, over a savanna. And the hot sun, is always shining, bringing excruciating heat, which not even the Egyptians can tolerate too long. The scene, ancient Egypt, the life giving river flows leisurely by, going north. But no human knows where it begins, in the south, if it does have an end there. The eunuch slave, Taita, loves Lostris, daughter of the evil Grand Vizier, Intef, of the kingdom of Upper Egypt (and owner of gentle Taita).

Lord Intef, has his chief guard Rasfer, beat his slave brutally, for minor infractions, and Rasfer loves his work...The weak, tired Pharaoh, has let Lower Egypt, the delta kingdom, slip away , and now there are two Egyptian nations, in the 18th century ( B.C.)... But Taita has a viable rival, the imposing warrior, Tanus, rising star of the army, and he has noble blood, in his veins. The handsome eunuch is a genius, seemingly able to invent anything, he set his mind to (except one). The intelligent man, has such an overpowering love, for the lovely Lostris, she adores him too (Hapi , the River God, is her patron).

He is happy, being a lowly slave, as long as he sees her every day. Naturally Lostris, loves Tanus, and he, reciprocates. The slaves best friend is, yes, that same man, this strange triangle will last, all their lifetimes. But during the feast of the great God, Osiris, in the exotic city of Thebes, with 250,000 souls , the largest on the face of the Earth. The king sees the daughter of the Vizier, in a play, written by Taita, inside the sacred temple.

The teenage beauty, enchants him, the old Pharaoh Mamose, the VIII, marries her. She the heartbroken girl, becomes one of his 200 wives, he has no sons but many daughters, the dynasty must continue! Tanus, is devastate, along with her comes Taita, and becomes very useful to the Pharaoh, in his Nile River palace, on an island, many miles from Thebes.

The talented slave, even begins to like the pleasant monarch, physician to the mighty king, architect to the building of his tomb. Which almost bankrupts the wealthy , desert kingdom, scribe, inventor, and fortune teller, he can do anything. He wished, it was true. Ruthless invaders from the east, the Hyksos, barbarians, invincible, with never seen animals (horses), pulling countless, strange vehicles (chariots).

Having destroyed the red kingdom of the north, sacking its capital, Memphis, killing the usurper king, and now are coming up stream , in war galleys. With thousands of troops, by land , too, the white kingdom of the south, is doomed. After a bloody, battle defeat, the southerners must flee up the river . In their own boats, the fleet slowly turns away, heading southerly, from their island headquarters, a paradise in a turbulent world, green, with trees, in Egypt! The palaces are abandoned, Taita, Lostris, Tanus, the Pharaohs son, and many thousands of others, are on board. As the Hyksos, pursue them, never stopping , the chase, and still a vague plan, to return someday .

Floating, forever floating , the royal galleys, go up the endless river...

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