Darktales Volume Two Steven R. Zellers


Published: May 17th 2008

Kindle Edition

124 pages


Darktales Volume Two  by  Steven R. Zellers

Darktales Volume Two by Steven R. Zellers
May 17th 2008 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 124 pages | ISBN: | 5.11 Mb

Print version is 112 pages.12 short stories.Darktales Volume Two picks up right where Darktales leaves off!!Just as you would expect, this new book is filled with fun andunforgettable short stories.More fun than the original!Darktales Two is a winner!The following is a review of DarkTales and DarkTales: Volume Two by Ron Wynn of Nashville City PaperNashville author Steven R. Zellers originally penned the first volume of DarkTales almost 11 years ago, but he’s now updated it and penned a second collection.As the title suggests, these are stories that can shock, stun, frighten or delight, and sometimes manage all those things within their tightly constructed frameworks.

Zellers knows how to manipulate details, but also he varies his approach. Sometimes things accelerate right from the opening paragraph, and the remaining narrative simply sustains what’s already been generated. Other times he’ll slowly build the tension, working to a strong conclusion and injecting surprise elements that nicely wrap the story.There are 18 entries in the initial volume and 12 more in the sequel.

While readers’ choices and preferences will differ depending on their perspectives and interests, some recommendations from DarkTales include “Tinman,” “Smokey Mountain Rain,” “Freak,” “Grandma’s Secret” and most interestingly “Writer’s Block.” Anyone who’s ever had a problem composing a letter or finishing an assignment will find it quite intriguing. His opening story “My Wife” and final entry “Jewels” are also outstanding.Prime pieces in DarkTales: Volume Two include “Ice Queen,” “Northern Lights,” “Seven Dates from MySpace” and “Till Death,” as well as “Halloween” and “Trust.”Some horror/suspense writers, most notably the late Rod Serling, used the genre as a social message tool.

There are some stories with underlying or implied themes, but overall Zellers is mainly interested in spinning a compelling yarn rather than examining a particular social ill.The DarkTales volumes offer fine examples of both striking horror pieces and excellent short story writing. Ron Wynn Nashville City Paper

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