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Flavors of Rome  by  Carol Coviello-Malzone

Flavors of Rome by Carol Coviello-Malzone
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Flavors of Rome is your indispensable and entertaining guide to the art of eating in Italy—and how and where to do it best in Rome.If you ask for a latte in Italy, you’ll be handed a glass of milk.There’s no better place on earth to eat than Italy.

But if you don’t know the rules or understand the food culture, you’ll be cheating yourself out of an experience of a lifetime.No matter where you travel in Italy, you should know the basics:• Italian-American food is not the same as food in Italy—even Tony Soprano wouldn’t be able to have his “chicken parm” in the Old Country.• There is no such thing as Northern and Southern Italian food—each of the 20 regions has its own distinct cuisine.• Italians don’t eat like we do—you have to know the rules.

No cheese on seafood pasta – except for the exceptions.And when you visit Rome – because all roads do lead to theEternal City—Flavors of Rome is the only guide you need to:• Know your saltimbocca alla romana from your cacio e pepe.• Avoid the tourist traps and imposter restaurants.• Find the best places to eat at every price range.The author lives part of the year in Rome and has all the insider tips for your eating pleasure in the Eternal City.

Featured are 70 of her favorite Roman restaurants and trattorias, introduced by informative vignettes describing their picturesque locations, plus a useful glossary of Italian menu items.PRAISE FOR FLAVORS OF ROME:“A delightful guide to Romes culinary pleasures! Witty, passionate Carol Malzone expertly steers us away from tourist traps to the wonderful, authentic tastes of Rome, neighborhood by neighborhood, including fascinating cultural details and entertaining history. Flavors of Rome will be by my side for my next trip and makes the perfect gift for friends who are heading to the delicious Eternal City.”Susan Van Allen, author of 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go.

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