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Yearn!  by  Chastity Foelds

Yearn! by Chastity Foelds
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BILLY is a PLAYER with a CAPITAL P!Having just graduated college, Billy elects to stay in the Hamptons over the summer to build up a bankroll by kowtowing to the snooty-rich. While enhancing his savings, Billy is also adding to his list of sexual conquests—summer girls are easy pickings.CURIOSITY CAN BE DANGEROUS!For four years Billy has valet parked at Lady Grantone’s formal attire Labor Day Weekend party, where beautiful women leave late at night in droves, and most wearing only a robe. Billy sneaks inside this year, to learn what is going on and perhaps be a part of it.LADY GRANTONE TURNS BILLY INTO A WOMAN!Billy is soon made into Billie, a woman, and has one overriding thought planted in his mind: Yearn!

Billie yearns her way across the Ballroom floor, naked and willing, and the sea of rich and powerful men in tuxedos take full advantage.HIS BODY TURNS BACK, BUT THE YEARNING REMAINS!Billy flees and turns back into his old self, but the yearning for men remains. Billy now likes both men and women. Shuffling off to a new city, Billy creates a life for himself that can accommodate his two-track desires.LADY GRANTONE RETURNS, AND SHE NEEDS BILLY!After Billy has finally worked things out to his satisfaction, Lady Grantone reappears in his life, and she needs his help.

Billy must turn back into a woman to help Lady Grantone, and she offers him an after-mission choice: stay as a woman, or stay as a man with two-track desires, or return to his old self.WARNING: This 18,000+ word book contains seductions, gender swaps, orgies, sexual confusion, ménages, exhibitionism, prostituting one’s self to excite a lover, sexual coercion, wild anal, scads of oral, and good old traditional copulations galore.

You have been warned!

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