Hostage: Terror and Triumph James F. Campbell

ISBN: 9780313284861

Published: November 24th 1992



Hostage: Terror and Triumph  by  James F. Campbell

Hostage: Terror and Triumph by James F. Campbell
November 24th 1992 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | | ISBN: 9780313284861 | 5.22 Mb

In recent years, the field of psychology has seen an increasing interest in the aftereffects of psychological trauma. Work has been published that examines the psychological sequelae of rape, incest, combat, natural disaster, fire, and, in a few cases, hostage-taking.

This is the first book that takes a long-term perspective, by asking questions such as:How did survivors view their experience through the lens of time? Were there any positive effects associated with the experience? The author examines how hostage victims perceive their victimization, and how they go about the task of rebuilding their assumptive world.

In sharing the intimate details of this process, the hostage survivors have allowed us to be close observers in their efforts to redefine their world and themselves. They have served to expose the internal and external forces that have helped or hindered their efforts. It is important for those in human services, as well as management in higher-risk professions, to understand the trauma from the survivors perspective.

They need to know what is helpful to survivors and what is not. Common sense assumptions of those in authority are often wrong. Moreover, the initial post-release shock and the overwhelming press of emotions and events make it difficult for survivors to discern and express their genuine needs. The passage of time can help to distill and organize thoughts and feelings.

In deepening our understanding of the needs of victims, this study has enhanced our ability to be of service.

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